Terms and Conditions of Use
A. General
  1. "Affiliate" is the website owner who is registered in the TravelBook Affiliate Program and earns commission-based revenue for the conversion of sales of accommodations from TravelBook.ph though his website.
  2. "Accommodation" means any type of accommodation including, but not limited to hotels, resorts, inns, and any other type of lodging establishment.
  3. "Affiliate Commission" or "Commission" means the revenue to be earned by an Affiliate from TravelBook on sales generated by being part of the program.
  4. "Creatives" are the advertising material or promo tools provided by TravelBook which an Affiliate can use to convert traffic to successful booking sales.
  5. "Badge" is a distinctive symbol use as a sign of allegiance or membership in a group.
  6. "Banners" are a type of promo tool where an accommodation advertisement is embedded on the website and comes in various sizes.
  7. "Links" are embedded HTML which leads to the pages of the accommodations through their URL addresses.
  8. "Widget" is a ready-made search box that is embedded on the Affiliate’s website. It is another form of promo tool.
  9. "Hotel Data" pertains to TravelBook hotel inventory made available to Affiliates that includes hotel information such as photos, descriptions, GPS location, etc.
  10. "Withdraw" is the act of withdrawing or getting the commission earned as an Affiliate in accordance to the agreement.
  11. "Website" means the website of the Affiliate.
  12. "Platform" is the website allocated for the Affiliate Program where the tools and services of TravelBook.ph for Affiliates are available.
  13. "Traffic" means the number of visitors that come to visit TravelBook.ph through accessing the promo tools used by the Affiliates on their website.
B. Overview
  1. The TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program is a revenue generating program which allows partner Affiliates to earn commission on sales produced from converted traffic. The Program is created, managed, and operated by Travel Book Philippines Inc. ("TravelBook", "Company", or "We"), having its registered office at 17F Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Pioneer St. Robinsons Complex, Pioneer St, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines.
  2. The Affiliate ("You"), by registering to TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program, hereby understands, acknowledges, and accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement as specified below.
  3. The Affiliate, after registering and signing up for the program will be given a variety of creatives, which will be adjusted periodically in accordance with the products and promos that are applicable. All advertising materials that the Affiliate can use shall be provided by TravelBook.ph and placement of these materials shall be the Affiliate's responsibility.
  4. Affiliate Performance can be accessed through the reports and statistics in the TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program platform. The commission to be earned by the Affiliate will be determined based on a commission structure and will be provided by the Company.
  5. The Company reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or change the Program at any time without prior notice, in part or in whole. This includes, but not limited to changing or modifying the Program rules and conditions, commission structure, and withdrawal procedures.
C. Application to the Program
  1. You must submit a completed Affiliate program application through the program platform’s registration page. The Company will evaluate your registration and has the right to approve or reject it in the event, and in its sole discretion, that your Website/s or practice does not conform to the terms set for the program.
  2. In the absence of a Website or URL page, a Facebook Page may be used. Personal Facebook account/s are not permitted as well as other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. You represent and warrant that the details you submitted during your registration are accurate and truthful.
  4. You come to an understanding that as part of this agreement, you must submit the principal address of the Website/s upon which you want to place the creatives provided by TravelBook.ph.
D. Affiliate Obligations
  1. Once application is approved, you may promote TravelBook.ph only by means of the Website/s you registered. The Affiliate is allowed to include as many Website/s or social media account/s as possible. However, promotion of TravelBook.ph through another website other than those that were registered and approved is not permitted.
  2. You are responsible for the content of your Website/s and must not violate the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. You are solely liable for the operation, maintenance, and all costs related to your Website/s. Any damages, including but not limited to legal cases, in relation to your Website operation and content will be your sole accountability, waiving TravelBook.ph from any obligation.
  3. The Company has the right to review all the content on your Website/s which refers to, or anything in relation to TravelBook.ph. You will cease using any creatives without deferment if the Company requests for its removal.
  4. You understand and agree that we may correct or hold your commission and/or suspend or terminate your account for any violations of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
E. Our Service
  1. The Company will be responsible in providing you a way to track and report all booking transactions originated from your Website/s and for processing transactions made by guests who booked through the tools provided by TravelBook.ph. Among other things, we will handle customer service, process payments, and cancellations.
  2. We will make available a selection of creative or marketing material including badge, banners, links, widgets, and downloadable hotel data which you can place on your website and allow you the opportunity to earn commission.
  3. The Affiliate will be provided with a unique identification number that will connect all booking transactions and commission details to every account. Commissions will be earned from bookings that originated from TravelBook.ph links, except for white label/partner API websites (i.e. GetGo PH, Cebu Pacific Air, Vacation Rentals, Banco De Oro (BDO), Security Bank, 2GO Travel).
  4. The Company will be responsible in editing, adding, or handling the maintenance of the creatives. Any design modification you make on the creatives without the Company’s permission will automatically result to the suspension or termination of your account, depending on the damage caused.
  5. We reserve the right to reject booking transactions which originated from your Website/s that do not fulfill any reasonable requirements that we may establish from time to time.
F. Commissions
  1. TravelBook.ph agrees to pay the Affiliate a commission on successful booking sales generated from converted traffic. In order to determine the revenue to be earned by any Affiliate, the Company has a commission structure based on the number of transactions generated in a month.

    (Please refer below for the Affiliate Commission Structure)
    No. of Completed Transactions per Month Affiliate's Percentage of Commission
    1 – 5 40%
    6 – 15 45%
    16 – 30 50%
    31 – 50 60%
    >50 65%
    An illustrative example: A customer hotel booking through you as an Affiliate cost PHP 2,000.00. TravelBook.ph earned 15% commission from the booking so the total commission is PHP 300.00. Because the Affiliate has more than 10 sales transactions completed, the commission percentage will be 45% of PHP 300.00 which is PHP 135.00.

    Affiliate Commission: PHP 300.00 x 45% = PHP 135.00

  2. An Affiliate will earn a commission based on the total number of completed transactions wherein the hotel guest stayed and check-out of the accommodation. Commissions to be earned will be a percentage of the total gross revenue that TravelBook.ph receives from the converted traffic per month.
  3. Commissions may be adjusted if (a) there is an erroneous amount of commission reflected on the platform due to technical matters, and (b) a hotel stay completed in which your commission was earned from was invalid due to fraud.
  4. TravelBook.ph will not be liable to provide you a commission in the event that you are found to be involved in any fraudulent or criminal activity in relation to the program, and/or you have violated the terms and conditions of this agreement.
G. Payment
  1. The Company will pay you a commission in accordance with the following formula:

    (TA x GCP) x ACP = Earned Commission

    • Transaction Amount (TA) – Original amount without discount
    • Gross Commission (GCP) – Revenue Percentage from the hotel booking
    • Affiliate Commission Percentage (ACP) – Percentage given based on the number of transactions

  2. Each withdrawal request made by the Affiliate will take a maximum of 30 calendar days. All commission payments by TravelBook.ph to the Affiliate will be made through either bank to bank transfer or check payment.
  3. You must provide all the necessary details required for the payment method of choice in order for the withdrawal request to be processed. The company will not be liable in any case that the Affiliate submits any incorrect information that may result to non-acceptance of payment withdrawn (i.e. bank name, account name, account number, name of check payee).
  4. In case of a technical error which may result to overpayment of commission, you agree to return the misallocated amount.
  5. The Company reserves the right to change the commission structure or add additional payment methods at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
H. Modification and Termination of the Contract
  1. The Company may modify any of the program terms at its own discretion. In case you object to any modification or you find any contract amendment unacceptable, you may resort in terminating the agreement. Continued partaking in the program following the modification will indicate the Affiliate's acceptance of the amended agreement.
  2. The terms and conditions of this agreement will begin upon the Affiliate's program application. You may terminate this agreement at any time, with or without reason, by terminating your involvement in TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program and removing all program creatives obtained from the program platform.
  3. The Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the Affiliate and withhold all payment for any reason whatsoever. Upon termination, the Affiliate must immediately cease using, displaying, or otherwise maintaining any advertising materials when the Company decided the cancellation of the Affiliate account and its contract.

    For further queries, you may send an email to affiliate@travelbook.ph.